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Martin Soltvedt


Martin Soltvetd lives in Lier, Norway and got his degree in child psychotherapy at the Nic Waals Institute in Oslo , Norway . During the 1960’s, Martin worked as a psychotherapist and supervisor at the Erica Foundation in Stockholm, after which he accepted a position as chief psychologist at the State’s Centre for Child Psychiatry in Oslo. Since 1987 he has worked as a privately practising psychologist with BOF and Taping in his hometown of Lier. Martin Soltvedt retired from his psychologist practice in 1999, but has for several years continued to offer courses and supervision in BOF in both Norway and Sweden.

In 2005 Martin Soltvedt’s book about Child Orientated Family Therapy was published. You can order his book BOF – Barnorienterad familjeterapi at the following link: . (Please observe that the book is written in Swedish.)


Martin Soltvedt’s alter ego “Gabrielsen” (Painting by Berit Dahl Soltvedt)

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